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10 Books on Van Jones Education Background That Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make a positive impact in the world, look no further than Van Jones. This Yale-educated lawyer turned CNN commentator and social justice advocate has dedicated his life to creating change through education. To help you gain insight into his journey and learn from his experiences, we’ve compiled a list of 10 must-read books on Van Jones’ educational background that are sure to transform your perspective on activism, leadership, and the power of knowledge. So grab a cup of coffee, settle into a cozy spot, and get ready for an eye-opening reading experience!

Who is Van Jones?

Van Jones is an American political commentator, author, and lawyer. He is a co-founder of several non-profit organizations, including Dream Corps, a “social justice accelerator” that focuses on employment, environmentalism, criminal justice reform, and technology training for underprivileged communities.

Jones rose to prominence as a CNN political contributor during the 2016 presidential election. He has been critical of both the Trump administration and the Democratic Party. In 2020, he left CNN to join Fox News as a contributor.

Jones has written three books: The Green Collar Economy (2008), Rebuild the Dream (2012), and Beyond the Messy Truth (2017). He has also produced several documentaries, including The Road We’ve Traveled (2009) and The Messy Truth (2017).

10 Books on Van Jones’ Education Background

Van jones education background, If you are looking for books on Van Jones’ education background, here are some that will change your life. They range from his childhood in rural Tennessee to his years as a civil rights lawyer and as an environmental advocate.

1. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in social justice. It explores the mass incarceration of black Americans and the way it has become a new form of Jim Crow.

2.The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: Report of an Inquiry by Sir William Macpherson of Cluny

This book is an important read for anyone interested in race relations in Britain. It documents the inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager who was killed by racists in 1993.

3. An American Dream: The Life of an African-American Soldier from the Depression to WWII by Luther E. Hodges Jr. with Frank Sikora

This is the story of Luther E. Hodges Jr., an African-American man who served in WWII. It is a fascinating account of his life, from growing up during the Great Depression to his experiences as a soldier during WWII.

4. Black Identity and Black: Protest in the Antebellum North by Patrick Rael.

This book is a fascinating look at black identity and black protest in the antebellum North. It explores how African Americans created their own communities.

How These Books Changed Van Jones’ Life

Van Jones is a CNN political commentator and host of “The Van Jones Show.” He is also the author of several books, including “The Green Collar Economy” and “Rebuild the Dream.”

In his book, “The Green Collar Economy,” Van Jones details how he was able to create jobs in the green economy and how this new industry can help fight poverty and rebuild the middle class. His book provides readers with a blueprint for how to build a green economy that works for everyone.

In “Rebuild the Dream,” Van Jones lays out a plan to fix our economy and create good jobs for all Americans. He offers solutions to some of our country’s most pressing problems, including inequality, the housing crisis, and the decline of the middle class.

These books have had a profound impact on Van Jones’ life and have helped him become the respected political commentator and TV host that he is today. If you’re looking for books that will educate and inspire you, then look no further than these two titles by Van Jones.

What You Can Learn from Van Jones’ Story

Van Jones is a man who knows a thing or two about education. He is a lawyer, an author, and a political commentator, but he is also an educator. In fact, he has been teaching for over 20 years. And in that time, he has developed a unique perspective on education and its role in society.

In his new book, The Education of an Idealist, Van Jones shares his personal story and discusses the lessons he has learned about education throughout his life. He offers readers an inside look at the American educational system and its shortcomings. But more importantly, he provides hope for those who believe in the power of education to change lives.

The Education of an Idealist is more than just another book about education. It is a call to action for everyone who cares about making our world a better place. If you are looking for inspiration to make a difference in your community, this is the book for you.


If you are interested in learning more about Van Jones and his incredible education background, the ten books listed above can help you do just that. From memoirs to works of non-fiction, these books provide a comprehensive look into the life and accomplishments of this inspiring educational leader. By reading through these books, you will gain invaluable insights into how to lead a successful career as well as what it takes to become an effective role model for young people everywhere. With Van Jones’ inspirational example leading the way, we can all strive towards making a difference in our own lives and those of others around us.

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