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A Guide to Mage Characters in Perfect World M by Redfinger

The Mage class in Perfect World M stands out amongst the human race as one of the most iconic professions. Unlike martial artists, Mages have an inborn talent for mastering the mystical arts. This guide will give an in-depth look at the Mage class, presenting their remarkable capabilities, talents, and how to make the most of them in Perfect World M.

Releasing Secret Strength

Despite not having the nimbleness of the Winged Elves or the sturdiness of the Untamed, humans are still a great asset to any team because of their incredible output and capacity to wield powerful magical energies. Mages are particularly powerful due to their deep understanding of magic; with a simple action they can cast spells that can cause devastating harm to a lot of opponents in a short time. However, since they are quite fragile, they must be kept in the rear of group formations to avoid them being the focus of the enemy.

Armaments of Preference

Mages in Perfect World M are known for wielding magical swords as their main weapons, but they also serve as their means of transportation. By rhythmically hitting the four consecutive clicks, they can take to the skies for a short time. Upon reaching level 15, players have the chance to receive an even more advanced way to fly – the Biling.

Adeptness in the Profound Crafts

Mages possess an array of abilities and skills that are specialized for their field of expertise. We will investigate the specific capacities that Mages have in the different realms they inhabit:

1. Realm of Establishing a Foundation

– Mages have the ability to burn their opponents with a Fire Symbol. This basic attack deals out extra damage through spellcasting.

– Spring’s Forceful Outburst: Summoning a substantial water jet from the ground, this ability inflicts harm to the target and reduces their speed temporarily.

– Blazing Feather: The True Qi is converted to a burning firebird that causes damage to foes in front, sending them away.

– Summoning a hailstorm, this ability inflicts damage to foes in the vicinity while simultaneously reducing their mobility.

2. Vacuum of Spirituality

A spiritual void realm is a concept that refers to a lack of spiritual awareness or understanding. This concept is used to describe the feeling of emptiness and disconnection from one’s faith or beliefs. It can also be used to refer to a state of confusion and uncertainty regarding spiritual matters.

– Ruthless Slaughter: Summons an icy barrage of arrows that can cause damage and slow down the victim upon impact with a powerful ice crystal.

– Blink Art: With a single motion, the user can rapidly move a predetermined distance, stunning any opponents in the vicinity.

– The move known as Mountain Pressing causes a severe impact on the target and any foes close by, resulting in damage and a stunned state.

3. A World of Harmony

The realm of harmony is an environment that is composed of a peaceful balance.

– A Mage can summon a ring of flames that encircles them, causing continuous damage to enemies who venture within its circumference.

– The capacity for accord has yet to be revealed in the existing data.

4. The Nascent Soul Realm

– Qi Explosion: Amplifies spell-casting power momentarily and renders an individual immune to harm for a brief amount of time.

– Shattering Heaven: The target is struck with an explosive power that seals them in place and decreases their speed.

5. Realm of Tribulation Crossing

– Enemies within range suffer a devastating onslaught of flames and blades with Sea of Fire and Mountain of Blades, resulting in considerable damage from the spell.

6. Nirvana Domain

The Nirvana Realm is a spiritual place where a person can reach a state of serenity and bliss. It is a paradise where one can experience ultimate peace and harmony. It is a place where the soul can finally find its true inner freedom.

– Heart Sutra: Enhances the immediate usage of the following ability and replenishes a part of the maximum True Qi.

7. Splendid Automobile Sphere

– Mystic Ice Water Dragon: Calls forth a regal water dragon that deals heavy magical damage and impedes movement for the target and any foes in the vicinity.

Noting the lack of information regarding the Mage class’ Harmony and higher realms, players can look forward to unlocking more powerful abilities as they advance their journey. These abilities will only enhance their strength in combat.

Walking the Wizard’s Way: A Guide to Mastery

For a Mage to reach their full potential, investing in the growth of their attributes and skills is a must. Placing priority on the Intelligence and Wisdom stats will bolster the Mage’s spellcasting proficiency and amplify the power of their magical attacks. Furthermore, allocating skill points to unlock and enhance specific abilities will significantly enhance their effectiveness in battle.

Techniques for Achieving Goals

An examination of various strategies that can be used to reach desired objectives.

Mages are a force to be reckoned with in both individual combat and clashes between groups. When going up against a single foe, their ability to cause tremendous harm makes them a strong contender. However, their lack of defense means they must be aware of their surroundings and be ready to take advantage of any opening in their adversary’s guard. During group battles, they are great at dealing damage from the rear, but they will need assistance from teammates to protect them from harm.


For those who set out on the Mage’s journey in Perfect World M, there awaits an untapped realm of mysticism. Since the development in Perfect World M is gradual, it is essential to choose an easy-to-use Android emulator to have the best experience. Redfinger stands out as an ideal option here, providing both comfort and convenience.


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