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Are you a big fan of HrithikRoshanBest movies? Love his dance steps? We have provided you with the best 10 HrithikRoshan movies that you will love to watch.

Are you a big fan of HrithikRoshanBest movies? Love his dance steps? We have provided you with the best 10 HrithikRoshan movies that you will love to watch. !The idol of screenland, the performing arts sensation, the Greek God incarnate, HrithikRoshan from his debut has created girls idolize his medicinal drug associate degreed ay aya an o aye a performing arts step.

A versatile actor, charming temperament, HritikRoshan is each girl’s fantasy. he’s a youth icon United Nations agency continues to entertain U.S.A. with hit HrithikRoshan movies and wonderful dance numbers. If we have a tendency to see his career, he has done movies with completely different roles and he has engraved all of these in our recollections.

His 1st film “Kaho metal PyaarHai” was the very best grosser of its time. His Krish franchise has amused children and adults alike. Krish is also thought-about to be the primary Indian superhero. He has been ready to deliver tough characters on screen, like Emperor Akbar.

The list of HrithikRoshanBest movies is large. He single-handed motivated a full generation in Lakshya, giving them direction and aiming to life. He motivated the scholars to be after for a stronger life in Super thirty. And in War, he fought shoulder to shoulder with Tiger Shroff and looked his age.

The definition of male personal magnetism here is given in the HrithikRoshan’sBest movies list.

1. War:

War | HrithikRoshan Movies List

War was a sensation. 2 of the most popular males of screenland came along for associate degree action-packed cinema, raising the mercury and box-office sales. The performing arts pair was a delight to look at.

The two dance numbers specifically – Ghongroo and Jay Jay knife sitar player took the net by storm. War can forever be remembered for pairing and presenting HristtikRosan and Tiger Shroff within the best approach doable.

2. Lakshya (2004):

Lakshya | HrithikRoshan Movies List

From associate degree aimless person to a person on the mission to avoid wasting his country is that the story of Lakshya. Opposite PreetyZinta, it absolutely was a delight to look at. With a picturesque scene of geographic region and ice mountains, the climb uphill may be a scene that the audience can always remember.

The film became a rage, and its clips were used even by psychological feature speakers worldwide to encourage children to return out of their slumber.

3. Super 30:

Super thirty | HrithikRoshanBest Movies List

A superb biopic of Anand Kumar, the renowned scientist United Nations agency didn’t pursue his educational activity because of money crisis, nonetheless achieved an even bigger goal. He schooled poor students of his own country and created them crack the foremost tough test of all, the IITs.

The film portrays however Anand Kumar succeeded in his life despite the dearth of political facilitate and miserable obstacles. however he went on to attain milestones like obtaining his entire batch placed in IITs, thanks to his true and noble intentions.

4. Mission Kashmir:

This one is well one among the best HrithikRoshan movies ever. With unflawed direction, hypnotic locations, pleasant music, and a few beautiful performances by virtually everybody within the solid, Mission geographic region makes for a good picture expertise.

VidhuVinod Chopra captures the essence of geographic region thus fantastically that by the tip of the picture you begin feeling proud to possess such a heavenly place in your country.

5. Jodhaa Akbar:

Jodhaa Akbar | HrithikRoshan Movies List

Among the HrithikRoshan movies list, this victory picture speaks of Emperor Akbar’s courageousness and grandness.

HrithikRoshan appearance royal, and accomplishes the character’s complexness of discreetness, as we have a tendency to witness history flowering before our eyes.

6. Kaabil:

Kaabil | HrithikRoshan Movies List

The story of 2 blind persons falling crazy is as ethereal because it may be. The story takes a rough flip once the lady-love is raped and killed, and HrithikRoshan embarks on a mission to require revenge. Kaabil means that capable.

It is a story of however love makes someone with a incapacity transform someone Kaabil of taking revenge.

7. Kites:

Kites take its name from the notion of 2 beings ostensibly carefree while not a worry, performing arts within the sky in their freedom, solely that the cruel reality of life meant somebody else is actuation the strings from down below, creating them nothing however mere puppets within the whole theme of things that’s referred to as Life.

8. Zindagi metal MilegiDobara (2011):

Zindagi metal MilegiDobara | HrithikRoshan Movies List

Life is for once and every one. Live it in high spirit. The film’s story follows 3 childhood friends, Arjun, Kabir, and Imran, United Nations agency reunite for a three-week road trip. They go away to Kingdom of Spain and meet Laila, United Nations agency falls crazy with Arjun and helps him overcome his compulsion to figure.

Kabir and his betrothed Natasha expertise vital misunderstandings, whereas Imran desires to satisfy his biological father, an artist. The picture has become a favourite to those that request freedom in life.

9. Guzaarish (2010):

Guzaarish | HrithikRoshan Movies List

The film narrates the story of a paralytic magician-turned-Radio jockey United Nations agency files a petition in court seeking permission to finish his life. The film was discharged on nineteen Gregorian calendar month 2010 to positive reviews from critics, United Nations agency praised the direction, filming, and performances, notably of Roshan, and Rai.

A rare screenland picture and one in every of HrithikRoshan movies list that brings to lightweight the topic of putting to death is Guzaarish, a request.

10. Agneepath:

Agneepath | HrithikRoshan Movies List

A remake of the eponymic 1990 film of a similar name Agneeth, met with several controversies associated with plagiarism.

However, the film was well accepted and therefore the film skint the very best gap day collections record in Asian nation and have become a serious crucial and business success with a worldwide gross of over ₹195 crores (US$26 million).


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