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Benelli Leoncino 800 updated overseas for 2023 model, minor windscreen tank change, more beautiful and refined

With Qianjiang QJMOTOR riding high, the pace of Benelli updates seems to be slowing down a bit, perhaps this is related to the initial brand planning when Qianjiang took over the domestic market and shifted Benelli to the international market. So this time the 2023 Leoncino 800 (Cub 800) has chosen to be the first to be released overseas unlike Benelli Patagonian 2023, with no indication of a new model at home for the time being, so let’s take a taste of the overseas version first.

The 2023 Leoncino 800 looks a little more beautiful and refined, starting with the new lines of the fuel tank, which are more angular and have a diamond-shaped patch in the sunken area for aesthetic and anti-slip purposes, and the seat, which is also slightly adjusted. Secondly, the frame trim cover has been streamlined and the transition filled in more smoothly. The windscreen and headlamps have been designed as a single unit, providing greater consistency in style than the original separate mounting.

The power has not been upgraded, with the same 754cc inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine producing 56kw (76bhp)/8500rpm and 67nm/6500rpm of torque, so I guess Benelli feels that it is just a little higher than its main competitor, the Springbok CLX700, which is not a high-performance bike anyway. For example, the brake calipers in the brochure are Benelli’s own brand, while the version available in China is Brembo, and the damping can be supplied by KYB and Marzocchi.

The wheels and exhaust of the new Leoncino 800 from overseas correspond to the domestic road model, which is priced at 5.38w. If it is only a cosmetic change, there will be no upward or downward movement when it is synchronized with the domestic version. There’s also a Trail version with an off-road focus that hasn’t appeared yet, so if you’re interested in it, you can keep an eye out for it. If you like motorbike news, follow Lao Kai, like and share!


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