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Best Lia Informant: what’s it on My LG Phone?

It is sensible for everybody World Health Organization features a smartphone to browse this, though some might imagine that it doesn’t apply to them since this is often stock-still in LG smartphones.

We tend to AR talking concerning LIA Informant, what’s it? What will it do on your mobile device? May or not it is spyware or adware? What caution ought somebody World Health Organization sees on his or her mobile device to take?

What is LIA Informant?

LIA Informant is AN app (APK) that’s common to LG smartphones. This updated version on the market after we place this text along is version five.0.7, which was free in September 2019, whereas the previous version four.25.10 was free in February 2019.

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The presence of the app on your LG smartphone poses no burden on weight or operation. The APK is solely one.62 MB. automaton candy seven.0 smartphones and on top of ar compatible with the app.

It is a system app that’s common to the LG G series’ stock store. this is often the app that helps users to look at data from numerous LG services. you may notice it within the sensible contraption that provides the user convenience of operations.

Remember that for each LG as a corporation and for the users or fans of LG products, the LG G series is extremely necessary. it’s one of the foremost in style offerings from the smartphone maker.

Lia Informant is that the same factor as com.lge.ia.task.informant. this is often simply another package name. What it essentially will do is set up data from different very important service apps on the smartphone.

It works in a very very important manner furthermore within your smartphone, however, some users became unnecessarily involved after they stumble upon Lia Informant. they will think about uninstalling it, however, worry may keep them from doing it since the smartphone might not work befittingly.

The truth is that if you’re feeling such as you don’t need the Lia Informant within your smartphone, you’ll be able to uninstall it safely. there’ll be no danger to the day-after-day operation of your automaton mobile device.

It may even be that you simply want to re-install the Lia Informant later. Yes, you’ll do this from the Google Play Store. It may be that you simply can’t notice it on the Play Store or that you simply don’t prefer to transfer it from there. Click here to transfer it directly from the LG website.

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Does It need Permission on Your Device?

Yes, it does. bear in mind that it’s AN information-related app, therefore it wants your permission to collect data from multiple sources. in a very shell, the APK will do the subsequent, and it’ll like your permission to try and do them.

Lia Informant can read network data to examine whether or not connections ar on the market and that the connections perform a lot of.

It will browse calendar events you discovered on the phone and passes the knowledge through the sensible Notice contraption, which will, in turn, send word you concerning forthcoming events and anniversaries.

The app {is able|is in a position|is browsey} to read all of your decision logs. Through it, sensible Notice will produce the contacts of often-used phone numbers.

Lia Informant {is able|is in a position|is browsey} to read your text messages notwithstanding whether or not they are hidden or confidential.

It is active as you turn on your device. Once your software is up, Lia Informant is additionally active. Whenever your mobile device is turned on, it’s synced with different apps.

How to subsume Lia Informant Error Messages

From time to time, one thing may be wrong with the Lia Informant APK. perhaps you’re obtaining errors because it stopped or it simply became unresponsive. What may be done?

Uninstalling the APK might not be the most effective or the primary factor you’re thinking that concerning. If the message came within the type of: (com.lge.ia.task.informant stopped working), you’ll be able to clear the app’s cache. it’s the first approach to determining most of its problems. If that doesn’t work, you’ll take away it from your smartphone.

Lia Informant Consumes Power

You can see that the APK is actually helpful to the well-being of your automaton mobile device. It works with the sensible Notice contraption. Together, they gift all the knowledge on top of you.

It’s sensible to allow you to understand that whereas the APK and also the sensible Notice contraption are sharing this data, your mobile device consumes plenty of energy. as a result of the Lia, Informant is usually on, the processing power is felt regularly. it’s one reason why some LG users uninstall the app. once within the future they notice that they’re missing one thing, they will re-install it.

How to Uninstall Lia Informant

Please note that we tend to don’t encourage you to uninstall the LG APK. However, since we tend to altogether believe that uninstalling it’ll not harm your smartphone, we’ll define the steps for uninstalling it here below.

  • Go to Settings > Developers choices. modify Debugging on your device.
  • On your laptop computer or PC, transfer ADB. you’ll be able to transfer it HERE.
  • Extract the nothing file and keep content in a very separate folder.
  • Open the Powershell
  • Type the following: .\adb devices
  • Connect your smartphone through your USB cable. If everything is okay, it’ll list your phone serial range on the pc screen.
  • To remove the Lia Informant entirely from your smartphone, run the subsequent command .\adb shell pm uninstall – user zero com.lge.ia.task.informant
  • Make sure you add the –k as the way ample|to avoid wasting} lots of cache files just in case you wish to put in it once more on the constant phone.

Now your LG smartphone has gotten obviate Lia Informant altogether.


You must have proverbial such a lot concerning the Lia Informant app. However, it’s sensible for the US to cue ourselves that this app is in no approach adware or spyware.

It’s LG’s favorite tool for gathering data like notifications, SMS, calls, and different things so the smartphone user will get pleasure from nice convenience. No, LG isn’t creating use of this app to spy on you.

It’s not a harbinger of malware, therefore you don’t get to worry. the sole concern is that its processes or operation makes your phone accelerate in overwhelming power however that’s altogether traditional.

If against all the positives of the app you continue to need to get rid of it, you’re altogether liberated to do, therefore.

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