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The logo for a cafe, restaurant, pizzeria will make your establishment recognizable. Such an insignificant detail at first glance will give it style and individual features. Having a unique logo is a must if you aim to attract customers and develop.

How to create a cafe logo

Usually, the logo for catering establishments has a thematic design. Forks, spoons, various kitchen utensils are popular in the design. A common technique is a chef’s hat. Often pictures of kitchen utensils are used – kettles, toasters, fryers and more.

The logo should cause appetite and a desire to stop by. For this reason, many people place appetizing images of food on it. Usually use those products, on the preparation of which the cafe specializes. This can be pizza, fish, wine with clusters of grapes.

In the development of the logos of public catering establishments, experts recommend using a bright color scheme. This attracts and detains attention. You can use neutral shades, they are also quite effective. A good choice would be shades of red, brown, yellow and green.

Tools for creating an effective logo online

It is with the logo for the cafe that the brand identity of the entire establishment begins, but effectively presenting your image to the public is quite a challenge.

Making a logo for a cafe can be helped by modern tools online. One of them is the Turbologo logo generator. It takes only a few minutes of work, and you will become the owner of your own logo, which you can put on business cards, letterheads and similar products.

The program contains many ready-made templates that you can use in the development of your project. Just follow the instructions, and in a few minutes you will have a personal and unique design in your hands.

What to consider when creating a logo for a cafe

A recognizable visualization is important for any business, and this is especially true if you are dealing with food. People are known to eat with their eyes, so you need to focus on catching the customer’s eye and attracting their attention. And the best way to do that is with a striking logo that will please the eye.

What to fill a logo with to make it effective? The logo should:

Match exactly what your company offers;

“speak” to its target audience, in order to do this you must carefully analyze your target market and monitor the needs of your customers;

Be simple so that it can be easily remembered and consistently adapted.

It is difficult to make a logo from scratch on your own.Using Turbologo templates, you can easily create a product that reflects exactly your values. Choose your logo design from a huge collection and adjust it to your taste, adding spice and spice personality and uniqueness. The program is quite easy to use and navigate.


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