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Snapchat Score | however will It Work & the way to Increase It?

What is a Snapchat score, and the way are you able to build it higher? If you would like to be at the highest of your Snapchat game, it’s crucial to grasp all. savvy Snapchat keeps your social score up whenever you employ it.

With 300+ million active users worldwide, Snapchat has ne’er been additional in style since its introduction back in 2011.

The social media big has drawn the youth towards it each passing day because it options a overplus of engaging and spirited parts like Snapstreaks, Snapchat icons, video calls, DMs, and more.

One such feature that has been a hot topic among Snapchat users is that the Snapchat score. What will a high Snap score indicate?

we’ll get into all that and additional during this article. Keep scrolling to grasp additional concerning the way to get your Snap score up. You are also get chatting advance features in YO WhatsApp.

What is a Snapchat Score?

Snapchat score may be a feature introduced to stay its user base engaged for a chronic time. Snapchat allots its users a selected score that goes up whenever the app is employed. It’s how to encourage users to induce on the app additional often, alone to induce a high Snap score.

Your Snapchat score depends on the amount of snaps you receive and send, along side different activities you have interaction in, be it posting stories or maintaining streaks with friends.

Simply put, if you sport a high Snap score, it indicates that you just area unit a daily and frequent Snapchat user. The score may be a reward for keeping yourself connected to the app.

How is Snapchat Score Calculated?

How your Snapchat score is calculated is additionally a solution to obtaining your Snap score up. All of it ends up in one easy fact: simply use it additional.

Your Snapchat score is calculated by consideration within the quantity of your time you pay on the app, the amount of activities you have interaction in, and also the frequency at that you are doing therefore.

If you would like to own a better Snapchat score, merely keep gap the app additional often, causing snaps, maintaining streaks, posting stories, and voila, you’ll see your Snapchat score climb up the charts real before long.

How to Check Your Snap Score?

Now that you just savvy the Snapchat score is calculated, you would possibly we tend toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} ask:

the way to get additional Snap scores? Before we get into that, it’s additional necessary to induce one thing else out of the way- the way to check Snap scores? Let’s resolve.

Viewing your Snapchat score is kind of easy and simple. It doesn’t take any of it slow and is well passable. Here’s the additional attention-grabbing part: you’ll be able to conjointly read your friends’ Snapchat scores.

But, additional on it later. First, let’s see however you’ll be able to realize your Snapchat score:

  1. Open ‘Snapchat’ and faucet on the Bitmoji icon at the top-left corner.
  2. On the Profile screen, see your Snapchat score right next to the ghost icon.
  3. For a close summary of the score, click on the ghost icon. you’ll be able to currently see all the stats for the amount of snaps sent and changed.

Note {that you|that you merely|that you just} cannot get your Snap score by simply adding the amount of snaps received and sent. So, that’s as clear a sign as any that different factors conjointly get play to choose the score assigned.

How to Check Your Friend’s Snap Score?

You can conjointly check your friends’ Snapchat scores, as we have a tendency to mentioned before. The thanks to try this is simply as easy as checking your own score.

we have a tendency to area unit social beings, and curiosity perpetually gets the simplest folks. So, for those of you searching for the Snapchat lots of your friend(s), here’s the way to do that:

  1. Open the ‘Snapchat’ app, and attend the chat tab from the navigation bar at rock bottom.
  2. Open the spoken language window of the person whose Snapchat score you would like to look at.
  3. Click on their name at the highest to navigate to their profile. That’s wherever you may see the Snapchat score of your friend.

Note that you just won’t be ready to read the careful stats of the snaps changed by your friend on their profile screen. this can be a compulsory live to deal with safety and privacy considerations.

Now, as for a way to extend your Snap score, keep reading.

How to Increase Your Snap Score?

If you’re searching for ways in which to induce a high Snap score, you’re within the right place. Here we’ve got listed vi alternative ways to induce your Snapchat score up. Take a look:

1. Maintain Snapstreaks

One of the simplest and best ways in which to induce your high Snap score even higher is to keep up Snap Streaks with friends.

ensure you send a minimum of one snap a day which the exchange keeps occurring for a chronic amount. this can be a sure-shot thanks to increase your Snapchat score.

However, let’s say you had to disengage with the app for a short time thanks to associate degree emergency or maybe associate degree exam- what happens to your streak?

we’ve got excellent news for you. in line with Devsjournal, you’ll be able to get your labor of affection back at intervals twenty four hours!

2. Send additional Snaps rather than Text

Want to easily text a disciple one thing over WhatsApp, DM, or plain recent cellular SMS? strive change it up with snaps instead, and voila, you have got a daily flow of snaps to spice up your Snapchat score while not even attempting.

This is a rather economical thanks to increase your Snapchat score while not a lot of trouble. simply bear in mind to use snaps as your go-to interaction medium. As long as you employ Snapchat’s services daily, you’re smart to go!

3. Post Stories on Snapchat

Posting stories may be a good way to stay up your Snapchat score. build it a degree to post frequent stories on your profile so the event team is aware of that you just area unit an energetic user and rewards you for identical.

You can post stories of your agenda, necessary or unforgettable daily events, meet-ups, and trips, or simply a general OOTD or photos of your meals.

There area unit plenty of stuff you waste daily that may be created into a story. So, if a high Snap score is on your agenda, a touch effort can go an extended method.

4. Add Snaps to Stories

Thinking of posting a story? Add a snap thereto, and bam- an extra purpose to your Snapchat score! Since DMs don’t assist you bag credits, snaps area unit the thanks to go. to feature snaps to your stories, follow these easy steps:

Tap the ‘Send’ arrow.

Select the ‘My Story’ circle within the upper-left corner of the screen to feature the snap to your story.

This barely takes any effort however goes an extended method in building your Snapchat score. this can be an efficient thanks to sustain the score while not attempting tons.

5. Expand Your Friend List

While creating friends won’t seem to be a viable thanks to increase your Snapchat score, it’s a social media app, when all! after all, you’re rewarded for connecting with additional individuals. In fact, Reddit includes pages to assist Snapchat users realize others.

If you marvel the way to raise Snap scores, adding additional friends is pretty much as good how as any. you’ll contemplate trying up in style Snapchat personalities and following them to extend your friend count.

6. Use different Snapchat options

By now, it’s fairly apprehensible that the sole thanks to shoot your Snapchat score up is to interact additional with the app.

whereas we’ve got already mentioned the choice to post stories, add friends, send snaps, and maintain streaks, there still stay several different options offered by the app that, if used, will assist you get a better Snapchat score.

Explore Snapchat Discover, Games, Spotlight, and similar miscellaneous fun parts to stay the regular dose of engagement going. This way, not solely are you able to get a kick out of all the Snapchat options, however you furthermore may accidentally boost your Snapchat score.


With the recognition of Snapchat skyrocketing, it’s not aiming to surprise anyone if different competitive platforms conjointly catch up to the present trend and place in situ their own ways in which to stay score (literally).

If this feels like a dialed-down version of Black Mirror’s plunge, that’s as a result of it’s.

Snapchat scores area unit an excellent method for the social media big to make sure engagement, and hey, if individuals area unit talking concerning it, they’re made in reaching their target!

we have a tendency to hope we have a tendency to got all of your doubts concerning Snapchat scores cleared. Keep them flowing!


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