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Telecom System Integration system in Federal Republic of Nigeria

Telecom System Integration is one in every of the foremost necessary sides of the oil and gas trade that must be undertaken with utmost care and exactness. Being a rstic wherever ninety fifth of the exchange earnings come back from the oil & gas sector,

Federal Republic of Nigeria may be a promising marketplace for Telecom System Integration within the oil & gas trade. Aesthetix is that the leading supplier of telecom system integration services in Federal Republic of Nigeria providing keeper solutions for medium within the oil and gas sector.

Aesthetix world has managed to capture the Nigerian telecom system market by providing a large vary of services encompassing style & elaborate engineering, project management, procural & supply, assembly, telecom system integration and FAT, construction, authorisation and Sat within the field of telecom system integration within the oil & gas trade.

Services & Offerings


Deploy high rated SDH/PDH systems from onshore pipeline infrastructures and plants to offshore installations in Federal Republic of Nigeria at totally different transmission speeds with Telecom System Integration the assistance of Aesthetix world of telecom system integration.


Aesthetix provides future prepared DWDM/OTN merchandise to hold information science, ATM, SONET/SDH and LAN networks for prime information measure connections at totally different speeds.


Install quick and tailor created solutions for comes altogether ranges from straightforward networks in native geographies to high finish technologies over Brobdingnagian geographical locations that build use of Frame Relay, MPLS, ATM, X.25, etc with.


Avail price effective and comprehensive radio solutions for marine, physical science and characid systems with Aesthetix, the leading supplier of radio solutions for Telecom System Integration in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

PABX & Hotline

Get your phonephone wants sorted with our vary of hotline and PABX/PBX systems to confirm seamless communication and practicality.

We have a tendency to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs within the very best approach be it analog or VOIP or hybrid phonephone shift telecom integration system or hotline.

Structured Cabling

Employ automation within the geographical point with straightforward transmission of voice, information and pictures with structured cabling solutions from Aesthetix.


Connectivity is not any longer a hindrance once Aesthetix is here with satellite based mostly} Telecom System Integration like VSATs and/or Submarine/land based field-grade officer infrastructures.

We have a tendency to make sure you get Telecom System Integration seamless property even within the most remote locations with no compromise on speed and signal strength.

Central Clock Systems

Interconnectivity and integration in communication and transportation systems is created doable with our central clock systems, consisting of GPS based mostly central clock units and analog/digital clocks, emergency announcements, traveler data and CCTV, to call some Telecom System Integration.

CATV / recreation

Take CATV/entertainment solutions to subsequent level with SMATV, IPTV and a lot of with Aesthetix world.


Aesthetix is that the leading provider of CCTV systems in Federal Republic of Nigeria for police work and observance your residential and industrial environments.

Access management Telecom System Integration

Aesthetix delivers world category access management systems helpful for sanctionative human or conveyance access to doors, turnstiles, crash rated (PAS/K12 rated) conveyance access, etc.

Public Address General Alarm

We offer public address systems like Public Address General Alarms and also the like with in house coverage and A+B redundant systems for field instrumentality to confirm most coverage.


Aesthetix offers video+audio and audio solely solutions for telecom integration system functions, which might be integrated with existing PAGA or PABX systems.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems square measure mechanical or physics based mostly systems that may be buried or mounted on mesh walls or perhaps used as ancillaries for gate for multiplied security and protection.

Navigational Aids

Get the simplest guidance aids for marine applications like measuring instrument, AIS, RACON, Non-Directional Beacons, Berthing Aids, GMDSS, etc. solely from Aesthetix.

Leak Detection

Aesthetix offers one in every of the foremost promising leak detection systems mistreatment Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology. Our leak detection systems square measure equipped with progressive functionalities like temperature distinction, pressure distinction, noise, etc. to eliminate false alarms.

Weather observance

Avail the foremost fashionable and precise platform to sight climatic/ environmental information in real time solely with Aesthetix Federal Republic of Nigeria. currently you’ll trust correct and reliable Temperature, Pressure, radiation, Buoyancy & Precipitation information for taking mitigation measures as and once needed.

Clocking Systems

Synchronise your safety and security systems with Aesthetix continuance System to seamlessly integrate all assets and functionalities of your business.

Security Management

Integrate all of your subsystems into one platform for multiplied utility and security with the assistance of Aesthetix Security Management System.

Visual Flame Detection

The Dräger Flame 5000 from Aesthetix is AN explosion proof flame detector that uses digital image process and advanced algorithms to method and interpret flame characteristics.

Telecom System Integration in Federal Republic of Nigeria has several players within the market. even so, Aesthetix has managed to capture the Federal Republic of Nigerian market and has become the biggest communication Telecom System Integration measuring system in Nigeria.

Within the country with our sort of merchandise and services. Avail the foremost dynamic and promising Telecom System Integration  services with Aesthetix world.





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