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What is the UR Category?

What is the UR Category! Unreserved Candidates are students or members of the general category who are not part of the government reservation program.

The UR Category means and the General Category are the same, with the exception that in the General Category, there are some Reserved Candidates or Persons, whereas, in the Unreserved Category, there are no Reservations provided by the Government in Education, Government Institutions, and so on.

In the General category, the Candidates from EWS Category get some benefits over ur category’s Candidates.

The main disadvantage for students in this category is that they require high marks, or a high percentage, for admission to government institutions, or for government exams or jobs. The merit scores for these institutions or jobs are higher than the reserved category.

Difference between UR and General Category

This is the first category in the Indian Category System. This is a forward category and is known as the top most & rich category in India. Everyone assumed that the castes in this category are rich and developed, but in this modern age, this is a myth, or we can say not the truth.

The general category includes the highest castes, such as Brahman and Bania, but the castes differ by state. We primarily discuss the Central Government’s criteria for the categories.

Students frequently misinterpret the terms General Category, Unreserved Category, and EWS(Economically Weaker Section), believing that they all mean the same thing. This is not the case. As Unreserved Category and EWS are both included in the General Category.

Although the Unreserved Category and General Category are fundamentally the same, there is one significant difference: while in the General Category, there are some reserved candidates or persons.

 In the Unreserved Category, they are completely unreserved and do not have any reservations provided by the Government in areas such as education, government institutions, or employment.’

Negative Impacts of UR Category

Most of the time, Unreserved students don’t get into government institutions or jobs, even if they have better grades than their Reserved counterparts.

This creates a sense of discrimination in the minds of young people who are members of the Unreserved category.

High cut-offs for unreserved students prevent them from getting good government institutions or jobs.

The Unreserved students are discriminated against because they don’t get jobs or institutions even if they get good grades, while the reserved category students get the jobs or institutions even if they get lower grades.

Discrimination prevents the majority of exceptionally gifted Unreserved students from being accepted into the schools or jobs for which they are qualified.

Difference between EWS and UR category

The EWS Category is a branch of the General Category that is meant to help people who make less money each year.

The economically weaker section (EWS) is a section of Indian society that is unreserved and has an annual family income of less than 8 lakh rupees. This category includes people who do not belong to the caste categories of ST/SC/OBC and do not already benefit from reservation benefits.

(8 lakh only) are to be identified as EWSs for benefit of reservation.

UR Rank in Exams

The candidate’s general rank is the candidate’s overall rank in India. An overall ranking is determined based on the number of candidates who participated in the competition.

For students in groups like OBC, ST, and SC, there is a separate ranking system for each group. These are the ranks of the different categories that they belong to.

A candidate’s UR category rank is based on how many UR category candidates appeared for the test. It should be kept in mind that the counseling is based on your AIR, not your 


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