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Why Work With Board-Certified Orthodontists

A board-certified orthodontist is licensed to provide orthodontics, including surgeries. Orthodontists aren’t required to obtain board certification. To become board-certified, you must complete various programs, including ABO written exams, case submissions, clinical exams, and peer reviews. 

4 Reasons To Work With Board-certified Orthodontists

Many orthodontists start as a dentist in an undergraduate program. They then pass a dental acceptance test (DAT), graduate from accredited dental schools, and pass the national and state orthodontics licensing exam. Dentists who complete this phase can gain acceptance into competitive accredited orthodontic programs and complete orthodontic residency. Orthodontists who complete residency can proceed with ABO written exam, case submission, and peer review.

A board-certified orthodontist goes through hundreds of additional hours in training and preparation to test their skills, knowledge, and judgment. Board-certified orthodontists also demonstrate the highest quality of orthodontic care. Here are reasons why you should work with board-certified orthodontists:

1.  The Highest Level of Care

A board-certified orthodontist provides the highest level of orthodontic care. These orthodontists have completed all the training programs required to become an expert in the field. They’ve also practiced their skills, completed research papers, and gained the approval of leading peers. You’ll be working with leaders in their fields.

Board-certified orthodontists are committed to providing comprehensive treatment for top-quality outcomes. They’re prepared to deliver the highest level of patient care across complex issues affecting the teeth, jaw, and facial structure. 

2.  Constant Improvement & Latest Technology

Board-certified orthodontists are constantly self-evaluating and adapting to the latest technology. The board comprises elite leaders in the field and keeps tabs on all technological developments and breakthroughs. Orthodontists must renew their certification after a certain amount of time, which keeps them focused on quality and improvement.

Board-certified orthodontists analyze their treatment plans and techniques to identify areas for improvement. They’re dedicated to delivering the most beautiful smiles and fully understand the most successful methods for various issues. As a patient, you’ll have access to an expert with the necessary information, skill, technology, and resources to deliver the best care.

3.  Dedication to Treatment Success

Board-certified orthodontists leverage all available resources to deliver success. They fully understand the jaws, teeth, facial structures, and muscles. Years of practice also produce valuable experience new graduates may not possess. They are dedicated to finding a solution to whatever jaw or mouth issue they encounter. 

Since every patient is different, they can evaluate individual needs to make sure each patient gets the best treatment available. Working with a board-certified orthodontist increases your chances of successful cosmetic or functional treatment.

4.  Comprehensive Treatment & Insights

A regular dentist specializes in oral hygiene and general care and checks, more like a family doctor. Orthodontists deal with more complex issues affecting the jaws, bite, and alignment. Working with a board-certified orthodontist gives you access to comprehensive treatment based on the most recent technologies.

Board-certified orthodontists have access to the best treatments, technology, and equipment. They can help you diagnose and treat various issues. Leading orthodontists are skilled enough to treat the whole family. You can approach them for cosmetic dentistry or functional issues like overbite, underbite, and other misalignments. 

Trusted Family Orthodontics

The orthodontics field features specialized professionals who can treat various issues affecting the teeth, jaws, and surrounding facial structures. Such treatments are complex and require more hours of training and practice. A board-certified orthodontist has proved their skills and experience by passing a comprehensive vetting process. The certification is voluntary, so only the most experienced and committed orthodontists seek it.

When searching for quality orthodontic care, look for board-certified professionals to help you achieve a healthier, better-looking smile.


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